Krae (Dec 29th):

   So I survived another Christmas in retail.

   I've been transferred back to the store I started in; the one I moved down to the ghetto to be near and then transferred to stores that required an hour and a half to two hour commute because I hated so much. Sure, we all try to smile and pretend it's great to work in such a busy store, to be making money hand-over-fist, but you can see in our defeated, glazed stares and snappish attitudes that it's a thinly veiled lie.
   This store is miserable. One of the only stores in town built on the old model, with concrete floors and disgusting brown walls. It's shopped like a mexican marketplace, and every night we sweep the litter off the floor. We don't have enough payroll hours to work the registers and process all the trash trade-ins and defective merchandise we absorb, let alone keep the store organized or alphabetized. We can't even keep the games in the right sections. We don't have the time to count our product to find out what they've stolen. The line is too long to go look for game boxes, so we sell product in generic DVD cases and throw away the box if we find it later.
   When I came back here, I figured it'd be nice to be so close to my house, especially not having a car. I can catch lifts from my co-workers when necessary (and it is, because the manager here insists on the majority of my shifts being closes), as they all live nearby, and I'm not far from the store. I've only been here a few weeks, and I'm already sick of this store again.

   On the positive, now that the holidays are over, working closer to home means I might have more time to work on the comic. I may have to change the update day (as I no longer have Sundays off to cobble together the comic I'd been putting off all week) or I might just do them early and let them settle until Monday (ha, forethought?!)... guess we'll find out next update.

   In other news that you missed:
     Happy Birthday to most of my family.
     My sister is engaged; she accepts ammunition in lieu of congratulations.
     “Jer” and his wife are moving, never to be seen again. I am distraught.
     Baz got a job at a convenience store, so she can buy nice things again.
     I miss “the guys” at my old stores: K-Large, the Heems, Ryan and Matt.

  ...and oh shit, I almost forgot what I was going to tell you, in the midst of all my ranting. The astute reader will, of course, have noticed that KeenSpace has become ComicGenesis sometime earlier in 2005. They retained the KeenSpace domain, and I stayed on it as long as I could, but they're doing a mandatory switchover now.
   As a result, the comic is now at and while the keenspace address will still redirect to the site for some time, you might as well update your bookmarks now (if you have us bookmarked, that is, you adorable little cherubs) so you aren't caught out by it later. There will be no change to the comic or the webpage aside from the URL.

   Now I'm off to purchase enough alcohol to pickle a dozen Irishmen - Happy New Year!

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