Name: Krae
Age: 25
Occupation: Game-store Assistant Mangler
RPG: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series
Shooter: Star Wars: Battlefront series
Fighter: Soul Calibur series
Strategy: Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) titles
Misc: Animal Crossing
Plus: Anime, RPG's, Absolute domination over his enemies, Cute furry animals with sharp teeth
Minus: 989 Studios, Joseph Lieberman (Old School), Jack Thompson (New School), Deadlines, Political Correctness
Name: Kyle
Age: 26
Occupation: Customer Servicing Representative
RPG: Chrono Trigger
Shooter: Halo series
Fighter: Virtua Fighter series
Strategy: Kingdom Under Fire
Misc: Burnout 3: Takedown
Plus: Captain Morgan, Zombies, Sex, Cash, Sega
Minus: Losing, Sobriety, Movies about “feelings”, Pinko commie liberal tree-huggers
Name: Sean
Age: 23
Occupation: Freelance Coder / Student
RPG: Kingdom Hearts
Shooter: Sentimental Shooter
Fighter: Ehrgeiz
Strategy: Civilization III
Misc: Dance Dance Revolution
Plus: Romance novels, The Iron Chef, Feel-good movies, Pocky, Adult dating sims
Minus: Sunlight, Fresh Air, Human interaction
Name: The Purple-Haired Girl (true name unknown)
Age: 25
Occupation: Part-time Waitress
RPG: The Sims
Shooter: 19XX: War Against Destiny
Fighter: Guilty Gear series
Strategy: Can I say Pac-Man? Alright, Pac-Man then.
Misc: Dance Dance Revolution
Plus: The Arcade, Nerds, Cappuccino, Sex
Minus: Not getting what she wants
Name: Baz
Age: 20
Occupation: Pharmacy Girl / Student
RPG: Final Fantasy series
Shooter: Rainbow Six series
Fighter: Soul Calibur II
Strategy: Caesar III
Misc: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
Plus: Pink things, Guinness, Piercings, Lab coats, Giraffes, 'Arry Potter (except the third film, which was rubbish)
Minus: Physicists, Lord of the Rings, Bri'ish weather, Deadlines, Tarantino fillums
Name: Att
Age: 21
Occupation: Call-Center Customer Service Representative
RPG: Legend of Zelda series
Shooter: Ikaruga
Fighter: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Strategy: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Misc: Initial D arcade games
Plus: Nintendo, Drifting, Turntablism, Hobos, Kittens, Malt Liquor
Minus: The Gub'mint, People who don't know the difference between Hip-Hop and Rap
Name: Wes the Fat Fanboy
Age: 32
Occupation: None to speak of, unless EBAY manipulation is an “occupation”
RPG: Everquest
Shooter: Metal Slug series
Fighter: Super Street Fighter II (Turbo)
Strategy: Romance of the Three Kingdoms series
Misc: Magic: The Gathering
Plus: Gloating over his rare and bizarre imports, Pastries of any variety, Asian Pornography
Minus: People who take things out of their original packaging
Name: The Obnoxious Kid (true name unknown)
Age: 12½
Occupation: Student / Delinquent
RPG: Pokémon
Shooter: Resident Evil series
Fighter: King of Fighters series
Strategy: does Yu-Gi-Oh! count?
Misc: throwing rocks at cats
Plus: Theft, Vandalism, Arson, Profanity,
Minus: You
Name: Jer (aka "Big Boss")
Age: 30
Occupation: Game-store Manager
RPG: Dragon Warrior series
Shooter: Chilled Absolut with a Beer Chaser... wait, did you mean game?
Fighter: That one where you press the buttons really fast until you win
Strategy: Syberia series
Misc: ESPN Sports Franchise (Except Hockey, which isn't a sport)
Plus: Hot Wheels, GI Joe, NASCAR, Miller Beer, the Seahawks, Hard Metal that makes you kill your parents
Minus: Bees, Peanuts, Billy Corgan, Adam Duritz, Bandwagon-fans, the Yankees, Gamers who forget to shower
Name: Robot in a Hat
Age: 20907216 Operational Hours (and counting)
Occupation: Corporate Drone-Bot
RPG: Xenogears / Xenosaga series
Shooter: Earthsiege / Starsiege series (Cybrid Team)
Fighter: Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Assault series
Strategy: Front Mission series
Misc: tazering disobedient employees
Plus: 30W Synthetic Motor Oil, Greasing his ball-bearings, See-through tower cases in computer mags
Minus: Weak Flesh-Beings, Iron Oxide, Inefficiency, Power Surges

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