Krae just about had an orgasm when he found out Ramón Pérez had a webcomic.
Hijinks and adorable characters. But especially hijinks.
This guy is even crabbier than Sean, if you can believe it.
The view from the other side of the game-store counter.
About as elitist about music (and the indie scene) as we are about gaming.
Cute, exciting, and surreal; Krae clicks it obsessively in hope of more updates.
Who knew Britain was so exciting? When I move to Ango-land, I'm living in Tackleford.
Philosophy, pimpin', pigs, and the coolest blonde cat since Kyle.
Derek Kirk Kim is amazing. It's not a webcomic, exactly, but well worth a flip-through.
These friends are even more dysfunctional than we are. Plus, the God of Alcohol...
Why can't the funnies be as funny as White Ninja?

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