Rants By Date
     April 15th, 2002
     April 16th, 2002
     April 24th, 2002
     April 27th, 2002
     May 1st, 2002
     May 3rd, 2002
     May 4th, 2002
     May 11th, 2002
     May 23rd, 2002
     June 8th, 2002
     June 16th, 2002
     June 28th, 2002
     July 15th, 2002
     August 8th, 2002
     September 5th, 2002
     September 26th, 2002
     October 7th, 2002
     October 11th, 2002
     October 25th, 2002
     November 23rd, 2002
     December 6th, 2002
     December 18th, 2002
     December 21st, 2002
     December 25th, 2002
     December 31st, 2002
     January 11th, 2003
     January 19th, 2003
     January 31st, 2003
     February 5th, 2003
     February 8th, 2003
     February 24th, 2003
     March 9th, 2003
     March 17th, 2003
     March 22nd, 2003
     March 24th, 2003
     April 28th, 2003
     May 26th, 2003
     June 15th, 2003
     June 24th, 2003
     August 24th, 2003
     August 29th, 2003
     September 25th, 2003
     October 23rd, 2003
     November 20th, 2003
     November 23rd, 2003
     January 18th, 2004
     February 13th, 2004
     March 17th, 2004
     March 26th, 2004
     June 1st, 2004
     June 3rd, 2004
     June 5th, 2004
     June 7th, 2004
     June 9th, 2004
     June 11th, 2004
     June 13th, 2004
     June 15th, 2004
     June 20th, 2004
     August 27th, 2004
     September 16th, 2004
     November 13th, 2004
     January 14th, 2005
     April 18th, 2005
     May 20th, 2005
     Aug 8th, 2005
     Oct 19th, 2005

Krae's Rants

     On Confidence
     On the U.S.A.F.
     On Kids and Reserves
     On the Reviews Section
     On Bus Stops and Target
     Reply to H.R. 4645
     On Prices and John Lindh
     On the Assistant Manager
     Tell Your Friends or Die
     On Commercials (part 1)
     On Commercials (part 2)
     On Returns
     On Kyle's New Pad
     On Tragedy
     An Offer
     On Taxicabs
     On Holidays in Retail
     On Food and Birthdays
     An Anecdote
     On Ratings
     “A Visit From St. Whupass”
     Le diable n'existe point
     On FFX-2 and Console Envy
     On "Regulars"
     On Outages
     On Release Dates
     On Discomfort
     On the Return Policy
     On War
     Defending Sean's 3/22 Rant
     On Clothes and Birth Control
     On PayPal
     On Keeping Busy
     Excuses, Excuses
     On Failure
     On Hostile Territory
     On Dead-Weight
     On Disturbing the Peace
     On Server-Side Downtime
     On Technical Difficulties
     Britain, Part 1
     Britain, Part 2
     Britain, Part 3
     Britain, Part 4
     Britain, Part 5
     Britain, Part 6
     Britain, Part 7
     Britain, Part 8
     On @ and Promotion
     On Marketing Buzz-words
     On Expectations
     On Expatriation
     On Business Ethics
     On Baseless Rhetoric
     On “Warnings”
     On the Bible

Kyle's Rants

     Mockery (and Introduction)
     On Multiplayer Online
     Reply to H.R. 4645
     On Console Wars
     On Life
     On Layoffs
     On The Good Life

Sean's Rants

     On Protests
     On Tribulations
     “What's Your Core?”
     On The Space Program
     On Spyware

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